To ensure National Defense and Security the US must have secure borders. Our southern border is insecure. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages come into this country illegally. We have no record of who they are or where they go or why they are in the US. Many come for economic opportunity to find work. Their presence in some industries is vital to fill labor needs, such as, in the hospitality, construction and agriculture market sectors. This also results in depressing wages for our citizens and opens these immigrants to exploitation and abuse.

The time is long past for government and industry to get together and create a comprehensive work visa system that respects the rule of law. The economic security of our citizens and the working conditions for those allowed to work in the US legally depend on it. I intend to press for a temporary work visa program to address the needs of our industries, ensuring that the livelihoods of our citizens are given priority and those given entry are treated fairly.
This country was built by immigrants, it is the land of opportunity, but it is also a country whose prized and envied Constitution is based on the rule of law.