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Promoting Justice, Fighting Corruption, and holding people Accountable.

The Fight To Save Democracy

America is an unrivaled Superpower. The only threat that could undermine our democracy comes not from external enemies but from internal enemies. Extremists on the left and right are seeking to gain power by any means.

The January 6 insurrection in Washington DC was a direct attack on our democracy and the values most Americans cherish. It will not be the last. Powerful well-funded bad actors on the extreme left and right seek to exploit emotionally charged economic and cultural issues with fake news and facts.

America became strong because we as a people were willing to discuss our differences and seek common ground. That strength is based in our democratic values of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I stand by these values and will fight any attempt to undermine them.

Everett Stern is a Real Independent ready to fight for Pennsylvania with independent values that matter to all Americans.

Which side of history are you on?

JOIN The fight to protect our democracy

Michael Flynn allies allegedly plotted to lean on Republicans to back vote audits

Ex-whistleblower says group enlisted his help to seek potentially damaging information on two members of Congress to prod them to back audits in key states Trump lost

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Republican candidate denounces Michael Flynn as a ‘traitor’ during bad-tempered GOP debate

Senate candidate Everett Stern blasted the QAnon-courting general during a testy exchange with his opponent Kathy Barnette in Pennsylvania

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GOP candidate claims Michael Flynn hoped to blackmail U.S. officials into pro-Trump “audits”

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Everett Stern made the bombshell accusation in a press conference Saturday

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The military-intelligence veterans who helped lead Trump’s campaign of disinformation

Everett Stern, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania who runs a private intelligence firm, said he was approached in April by two Republican political operatives who urged him to gather information on elected officials to help prompt a state audit of the 2020 vote.

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“Everett is someone with a strong sense of right and wrong, and willing to suffer the consequences of doing the right thing. We would be better served to have more people like Everett in public life.”

John Sipher -Fmr. CIA Officer

Michael Flynn Is Still at War

…the Jan. 6 committee heard testimony from a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania named Everett Stern…

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GOP Senate Candidate Says Michael Flynn Group Asked Him to ‘Gather Intelligence’ on Lawmakers

Speaking to a group of reporters, Stern said representatives for Flynn approached him through his Patriot Caucus group earlier this year with the objective to influence lawmakers to support election audits in favor of former President Donald Trump.

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What Is Michael Flynn’s Long Game?

The candidate, Everett Stern, said Flynn’s representatives wanted to extort these people to force them to back an Arizona-style “audit.”

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Promoting Justice, Fighting Corruption, and holding people accountable.
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Everett Stern is the intelligence director of Tactical Rabbit, a company devoted to unearthing corruption and fraud. For nearly two decades, Stern dived deep into the dark underbelly of business and government misdeeds, bringing them to the attention of law enforcement.

His work uncovered drug and terrorist money laundering at HSBC Bank, Medicaid fraud at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, false advertising claims at Lifelock, Chinese economic espionage and technology theft and many more.

Let’s cross the aisle and all work together to make a significant positive difference for the United States.

Pennsylvania families need a fighter who will stand up for them against entrenched politicians and special interests.

Everett Stern is that fighter.

We are all Americans, we have to Work Together to keep the American Dream.

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