A bold new voice Everett Stern For pennsylvania
Everett Stern has spent his life
fighting corruption and power.
Now he wants to fight
for us in Washington.
Everett Stern is the intelligence director of Tactical Rabbit, a company devoted to unearthing corruption and fraud. For nearly two decades, Stern dived deep into the dark underbelly of business and government misdeeds, bringing them to the attention of law enforcement. His work uncovered drug and terrorist money laundering at HSBC Bank, Medicaid fraud at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, false advertising claims at Lifelock, Chinese economic espionage and technology theft and many more.

This long successful career combatting corruption against the odds motivated Stern to run as the Pennsylvania Republican Candidate for the US Senate. Others speak boldly about “cleaning up the swamp” but fail to follow through. Stern turned words into action. Over and over, often against enormous odds, he demonstrated the belief, courage and tenacity to fight and see justice was done.

Stern believes that corruption at all levels undermines the people’s faith in our US system of government. Corruption is a National Security threat, it weakens our influence overseas and leads to inevitable economic decline. With Everett Stern in Washington the citizens of this country have a tried-and-true American Patriot willing to walk the talk.
Pennsylvania families need a fighter who will stand up for them against entrenched politicians and special interests.
Everett Stern is that fighter.
A new voice. A bold vision. A stronger future for Pennsylvania.
Everett Stern for U.S. Senate.
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“Everett Stern is one of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals I have met in terms of his high level of service and professionalism to his clients and his passion for protecting his country and all Americans.”
– Former Field Operations Officer
Central Intelligence Agency