Being an Independent today can be confusing trying to understand what they stand for. I am a real, mainstream Independent.

Here are my priorities.

Stern For Senate

National Defense and Security

The cornerstone of National Defense is to protect the United States and its interests. That means giving our military what it needs to do the job, the know-how, equipment and training to manage hundreds of bases, to defend against enemies wishing to do us harm.


National Defense and Security are dependent on a strong vibrant economy – history shows that the free-market capitalist system creates jobs and prosperity.


To ensure National Defense and Security the US must have secure borders. Our southern border is insecure. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages come into this country illegally.

Gun Control

The Second Amendment to the Constitution permits the ownership of firearms. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones. The US is a big country and many of our citizens rely on gun ownership as the last line of defense against those wishing harm, especially in areas where there are minimal law enforcement resources.

Law Enforcement

Calls to “Defund The Police” are an open invitation for anarchy. Our police are overburdened with responsibilities that are not germane to their mission in society, such as, dealing with marital disputes and the mentally ill.

Secondary Education

Throwing money at education has never been shown to increase performance. For students to succeed in school, they must first be willing to do the hard work of studying.

Cost of Higher Education

Only 41% of students graduate in four years and just 59% in six years from universities, the rest drop out with no qualifications and tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Learning a trade at a Community College would give those students a career with no onerous debt obligations.

Environment and Innovation

Personal Responsibility and Rights