Being a Moderate Democrat today can be confusing trying to understand what I stand for. A moderate Democrat, sometimes referred to as a centrist or moderate Democrat, tends to hold views that are a mix of liberal and conservative beliefs. These Democrats often support the principles of the Democratic Party but might lean more conservatively on certain issues, especially fiscal policy or national security.

Here are my priorities.

Stern For Senate

National Defense and Security

The cornerstone of National Defense is to protect the United States and its interests. That means giving our military what it needs to do the job, the know-how, equipment and training to manage hundreds of bases, to defend against enemies wishing to do us harm. I am an absolute supporter of Ukraine and I hold the creed that the United States Government must do everything in its power to help the Ukrainian people against Russia. America must defend Democracy here and around the world. 

Social Justice

I am advocating for equality and human rights, such as LGBTQ+ rights, racial equality, gender equality, and immigration reform. After seeing the after effects of the Supreme Court decision on Roe V. Wade I am an absolute believer in a woman’s right to chose. I am a pro-choice candidate. 


Putting people first is the first step in ensuring a strong economy. The minimum wage must be raised across the board to keep up with inflation. The wealthy must pay their fair share of taxes. Overall, I am a Fiscal moderate democrat that does not believe in Government waste. There must be accountability and measurement. If X amount of Federal Money is being used for a program then there has to be a clear measurement of success. I will be promoting workers’ rights, reducing income inequality, and ensuring access to affordable education. A solid American Economy means healthy workers. I believe in expanding the Affordable Care Act. The American economy is mostly comprised of small businesses and as a small business owner I will advocate for small business advancements to stimulate America’s economic growth. I want to protect consumers and promote fair competition.

Gun Control

The Second Amendment to the Constitution permits the ownership of firearms. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones. The US is a big country and many of our citizens rely on gun ownership as the last line of defense against those wishing harm, especially in areas where there are minimal law enforcement resources. I support common-sense gun control measures to reduce gun violence, such as universal background checks. I believe the Federal Government should expand its efforts in allowing for Federal Gun Permits for carry. The Federal Government should be stepping in to ensure the right people are becoming gun owners. 

Law Enforcement

Calls to “Defund The Police” are an open invitation for anarchy. Our police are overburdened with responsibilities that are not germane to their mission in society, such as, dealing with marital disputes and the mentally ill.

Secondary Education

Our economy is absolutely dependent on smart people. Every American must be able to have a fair chance at receiving a great and affordable education.

Environmental Policy

I support market-based solutions, such as cap-and-trade policies, and advocating for a gradual transition to renewable energy to avoid potential economic disruption. Florida is a beautiful State and must remain as such. I support a balanced approach that supports the environment while supporting economic growth.