National Defense and Security is dependent on a strong vibrant economy, History shows that the free-market capitalist system creates jobs and prosperity. In recent years, a radical free market fundamentalism has stripped the US of vital manufacturing know-how for the purposes of enriching the few and impoverishing our working and middle classes. In a grab for quick profits, the life blood of our prosperity and National Security is being drained. The economic ideology of Milton Friedman, that the only job of CEOs and company executives is to maximize profits for shareholders at the expense of fraying the social fabric of this country has to come to an end. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase wrote in his annual letter to shareholders in 2019, “the American dream is alive- but fraying for many.” In addition, he wrote, “40% of Americans don’t have $400 to deal with unexpected expenses, such as medical bills or car repairs.”

I intend to press for a restructuring of the outsourcing of our manufacturing by introducing a special tax on companies that move more than 15% of their production overseas and a requirement that funds held in offshore accounts be returned. Large companies should pay taxes just as our smaller and medium size businesses.
We live in an information age, small towns and factories across the US must change with times to keep pace with Asian and European nations. To accomplish this requires a joint partnership between government and the private sector. We can have a government that invests wisely and saves money wisely, while still performing the necessary tasks to serve the people now and to serve the country of the future. Economic strength is the basis of National Security.