Everett Stern

Intelligence Director
Former U.S. Senate Candidate
Hedge Fund Manager
HSBC Whistleblower

Everett Stern is the CEO and Intelligence Director of Tactical Rabbit, a private intelligence agency that provides clients with actionable business intelligence. He is a former candidate for the United States Senate, and made international headlines as a government whistleblower who helped uncover one of the biggest banking scandals of all time.

When Stern joined HSBC Bank in 2012, he was assigned to monitor Middle East transactions. Stern soon discovered that the bank was facilitating the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars by terrorist organizations and major drug dealers, in clear violation of U.S. law. Stern’s bank superiors kept ignoring his warnings. In frustration, Stern began feeding information and providing evidence about the bank to the Central Intelligence Agency. “After trying in vain to convince his bosses to at least let him do his job and look for money-laundering, Stern decided to turn whistleblower, telling the FBI and other agencies what was going on at the bank,” Rolling Stone Magazine would later write. Stern quit in disgust and filed a whistleblower claim with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Ultimately, the U.S. Congress confirmed that the bank had “exposed the U.S. financial system to a wide array of money laundering, drug trafficking, and terrorist financing risks.” In late 2012, in part as a result of Stern’s efforts, HSBC agreed to pay a record $1.92 billion in fines to U.S. authorities. Its CEO admitted, “We accept responsibility for our past mistakes. We have said we are profoundly sorry for them, and we do so again.”

Stern was not done fighting to preserve American values. In 2016, he ran for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania against incumbent Pat Toomey. “I have stood up against giants and won,” Stern said during the hard-fought campaign. “But I did not let that stop me from finishing my mission: Exposing the threat to our country and to our citizens.”

Today, Everett Stern continues that fight as the founder and head of Tactical Rabbit, where he carries out sophisticated private intelligence operations on behalf of a wide variety of clients. He has also started a unique hedge fund, Rabbit Alpha LLC, that uses Tactical Rabbit’s business intelligence predictions to target publicly traded companies and hold them accountable. He has been featured in dozens of news articles and broadcasts, and appeared in a Netflix documentary, “Dirty Money,” on Wall Street and corporate greed.

Stern was born in New York City. He is a proud graduate of Florida Atlantic University and earned his MBA from Stetson University in 2010.

For more information, please see www.TacticalRabbit.com and RabbitCapitalManagement.com.