2014 Sprint & T-Mobile

Stern and his company investigated the potential merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. He suspected the proposed merger would make the market “more cooperative than competitive” and allow prices to be more easily regulated. Because of the potential for antitrust law violations, Tactical Rabbit accurately predicted the merger would not succeed.


2014 Students for Justice in Palestine

Stern announced an investigation of Students for Justice in Palestine, a student organization found in colleges across America. He reported his findings to federal law enforcement after his company’s investigation indicated possible Hamas financing.


2014 JPMorgan & Chase

Stern’s company launched an investigation into JPMorgan Chase & Co. Stern and his company reported to regulators that JPMorgan was violating Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations.



2015 Lifelock, Inc.

Tactical Rabbit launched an investigation into LifeLock, Inc. Stern commented that he believed “LifeLock has not simply made false advertising claims, but has criminally ascertained critical and sensitive information of its customers under false pretenses.”[


2015 Sweet Briar College

Stern announced an investigation into the closing of Sweet Briar College. Stern held a press conference on May 9, 2015 at the College and alleged that the companies’ intelligence operation revealed fraud.[21] Stern pleaded for the American public and the FBI to get involved. Stern noted that “Saving Sweet Briar is not a Virginia problem, but it is a national problem requiring all Americans to act.” In May 2015 Stern issued a public letter to FBI Director James Comey asking for an FBI investigation into his company’s findings on the closing of the College.